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SEND Process

SEND Process

From initial concern through to full support for a child and their family, we follow a process with 5 steps when working with children and their families.

SEND Process Flowchart

Step 1

  • Ongoing assessment and tracking of all pupils at pupil progress meeting shows less than expected progress despite Quality First Teaching (QFT)  or
  • Concerns are raised regarding emotional well-being or behaviour
  • These concerns could also be raised by the parent/carer or an external agency

Step 2

  • Class teacher leads on setting outcomes (QFT provision)
  • Class teacher has a discussion with the child about needs
  • Class teacher leads on setting outcomes (QFT provision) by meeting with parents/carers  to discuss concerns and agree on actions for school and home
  • Permission for interventions outside of the classroom are gained at this time. 
  • Set review date (6-8 weeks maximum) 
  • Child added to SENDCo  Monitoring list
  • Class teacher plans QFT and extra support and other rigorous interventions to target need


Step 3 Review 1 followed by Assess, Plan and Do

Good progress,

return to regular tracking

Less than expected progress towards agreed outcomes despite QFT targeted at areas of need. 

Communicate with parents

Some progress made. 

Repeat cycle as above and consider alterations to interventions


Step 4- Review 2 followed by Assess, Plan, Do

As above, however if after at least 2 cycles progress is not as we would hope, prepare parents for the possibility of further assessment of need


Step 5 - Assess, Plan, Do, Review cycle continues

  • CT/TA begin to complete SEND Cause for Concern form and share with SENDCo.
  • CT meets with child to identify feelings and wishes 
  • Meeting with parents and gain their views.  Get permission for screeners and assessment.  
  • Carries out further assessment to provide clear analysis of pupil’s needs. Complete Cause for concern information with SENDCo.
  • Agree whether the child should be moved to SEND Support or remain on the monitoring list

NB: Only at this point should a decision be made about a child being put on the SEND register 

If after repeated attempts of this cycle it is felt that a student needs a high number of interventions to maintain progress or their needs require specialist support, then the SEND Support Process is triggered. 

Not SEND ( monitoring)

  • Currently underachieving 
  • Address other factors e.g. attendance.
  • Review what else can be done


  • Begin cycle 1 at SEND Support and continue the Assess, Plan , Do Review Cycle
  • Formally record child at SEND Support and inform parents.
  •  SENDco to refer to external agencies as required.
  • Teacher and SENDco discuss the specific differentiation required to meet the child's needs in class. Pupil Passport issued.
  • Recommendations from specialists put in place.
  • SEND Support Plan issued with individual targets set.
  • SEND support Plan reviewed termly with parents


At St. Cecilia's Catholic Primary School, we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in all circumstances and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. To read more about our commitment to safeguarding please view our safeguarding policy.