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Speaking and listening

Speaking and listening

Our aims

We endeavour for all children to be able to confidently express their opinions, articulate their feelings and listen to and respond appropriately to different situations. Children leave St. Cecilia’s with the ability to participate with different groups of children and be able to present their ideas with confidence. When presenting, children are able to speak clearly and confidently in front of an audience.

How we teaching speaking and listening

Within our teaching and learning, we encourage pupils to voice their ideas in small group and class discussions, as we recognise that sharing and explaining concepts with peers enhances learning. Staff model the use of higher level vocabulary within their speech and expanding children’s vocabulary is a key focus from EYFS. Subject specific vocabulary is embedded across the curriculum, through teacher modelling, in context. Contextual learning helps children to understand new words and supports them in including them in their work.

We use “Talk for Writing” across curriculum subjects.  Once the teacher has launched learning with a hook to capture the children’s imagination, children work in pairs or small groups teasing out ideas in talk for writing sessions, increasing their vocabulary, gaining confidence in presenting and summarising their ideas in a logical and thoughtful way.  From a very young age, it’s important that we build a sense of confidence in every child.

Guided Reading sessions encourage pupils to explore unfamiliar vocabulary and expand their knowledge of words. Staff model correct grammar in speech and encourage children to reflect this in their use of spoken and written language. Children are given the chance to orally rehearse ideas for writing regularly.

Drama is used across the curriculum to explore and engage children in their learning, through role play we can expand the child’s possibilities for expressive speech, enabling them to enter into different situations.. This also gives children the chance to embed new vocabulary. 

It’s important for children to be able to present and express their ideas to a wider audience, to build confidence when speaking in front of larger groups.  Each class leads worship once a year for parents in the “Come and See” assemblies and individual pupils lead class worship on a weekly basis. Children have the opportunity to perform in nativity performances, assemblies, masses, RE special days & Year 6 have a leaver’s performance in the Summer term. 

Weekly circle time sessions promote active listening and the opportunity to join in with discussions, enabling children to share their thoughts and opinions in a meaningful way.

Our children as communicators

Children enjoy performing and presenting their ideas, working with others to create meaningful content to be shared with others.  Our children are able to express their own ideas clearly and confidently, in a safe and supportive environment, in all aspects and areas of their school life and into their future. Children are confident in the value of their own opinions and are able to express and present them to others. Children are able to recognise the value of listening and respond appropriately.

At St. Cecilia's Catholic Primary School, we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in all circumstances and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. To read more about our commitment to safeguarding please view our safeguarding policy.