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We have now moved our news feature to a school app called Class Dojo.  This send regular news to families and offers enhanced security and a closed community.

We have left this page on the site as an archive of old news for a little while.

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  • I Wonder at the Baptist Church

    Published 15/12/16

    IWonder Space


    On Thursday the 15 of December2016  classes throughout     St. Cecilia’s primary school went to Cheam Baptist Church to reflect on ourselves.

    One of the activities we did was to name the stuff in life you were thankful for. We talked about how we are greatful for the stuff we had. One of the activities we did was writing what we have in life that we are lucky to have with ribbons. Another activity we did was making people we are thankful for out of playdoh. The last activity in that station we did was writing on a post it note what we ourselves are grateful and thankful for and stick it up.

    The next activity we did was thinking  about where we originated from. There was a range of places where people in our school came from. It varied from Grenada to Ghana. We all stuck a post note with our names on and placed them on a map to show where our families are from.


    Zoe Ketibuah

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  • Supremo Training 

    Published 21/11/16

    On the 21st November 2016, some children from Year 6 travelled to Cheam Fields Primary School to train to be good sports leaders. It was called ‘Supremo Training’. Three other Schools attended this event. At Supremo Training we organised a fun activity for the Year 1’s at Cheam Fields. We successfully carried out the activities safely and the children really enjoyed themselves. Overall the Supremo Training was extremely fun and informative. We loved it and we can’t wait to try out our new skills at St. Cecilia’s.

    Jake and Natalie, Year 6

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  • Anti-Bullying Week 

    Published 18/11/16

    Anti-Bullying Week

    Last week in school we had Anti-Bullying week. Each year group did something to show their ‘Power for Good’.

    Nursery used ‘Kind hands don’t hurt’ and did some hand printing.

    Reception had ‘apple circle time’. They spoke unkind words to one apple and passed it around and kind words to another. When they cut them open one of the apples was bruised and they saw what happens when we hurt someone inside.

    Year 1 and Year 2 made Friendship Potions and thought about all the qualities needed to be a good friend.

    Year 3 and Year 4 looked up historical people who have used their power for good. They wrote about them and drew a picture.

    Year 5 designed posters for the school using their power for good and they also wrote a child friendly Anti-Bullying Policy.

    Year 6 wrote to the MP Paul Scully of the Conservative Party, representing Sutton and Cheam encouraging him to go to a meeting in the House of Commons for Anti- Bullying.

    Every Teacher and the Midday Supervisors had ‘Power for Good’ stickers.  Each time an act of kindness was spotted the children got a sticker.  We had a great week and the School Council will meet to see how we can continue using our Power for Good throughout the year.


    Saraniya Year 6

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  • Netball Match 

    Published 09/11/16

    St Cecilia's VS St Dunstan's 

    On the 2nd of November 2016, 16 people from St Cecilia’s went to St Dunstan’s to play a netball match. In total we had two matches. For the first match we played well but lost by one goal. We were pretty good at keeping the ball between us, but we had less chance of scoring because our opponents were a bit taller than us. We also accidentally moved with the ball a bit. For the second match we came back with more power and managed to draw with the other school. We were all proud of what we achieved. When they come to our school, we are going to thrash them!!


    2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate, not the King, not the Queen, St Cecilia’s netball team!!!!!    

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  • Our Ideas on Respect

    Published 19/10/16

    St Monica's ideas on respect. 

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  • Year Six go to Marchants Hill 

    Published 14/10/16

    Marchants Hill

    On Wednesday 12th of October, Year 6 set off for PGL Marchant’s Hill. We were all really excited for the following days ahead, but before we arrived, we stopped at the Devil’s Punchbowl. In our day groups, we used our imaginations to create and perform how we thought the Devil’s Punchbowl was created.

    After that, we left for PGL! When we arrived, we got back into our day groups and instantly began our activities. The activities we did were Aeroball, Archery, Climbing Wall, Giant Swing, Low Ropes, Orienteering and Zip Wire. It seemed that the Giant Swing was one of everyone’s favourite activities. J We also conquered the Challenge Course, formerly known as the Mud Challenge. Some were muddier than others, but we still all had a great time. After dinner, we gathered round and played games. We played Passport to the World and Ambush in the woods, but the majority of us enjoyed Ambush the most!

    On Friday the 14th of October we were all sad to leave. We wanted more activities, we wanted more fun. Everyone had an amazing time but we knew we had to go. We made so many good memories that none of us want to forget. We still talk about them now, it was an amazing experience and all we can say is thank you. Thank you coaches and teachers for giving us an amazing time.


    Written by Becky, Erin and Freya.


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  • Chaplaincy Team Trip 

    Published 10/10/16

    Chaplaincy Team Trip 

    Just before we broke up from school, the Chaplaincy Team went on a trip to St John Fisher’s Church. We went there to meet with other schools’ chaplains. During this event we had a Mass, and shared ideas about what we could improve the spiritual life in our schools. We got into groups with other chaplains and we discussed a variety of questions. Afterwards we had our lunch and went to the park and played a couple of games of rounders. When we got back to the church hall we ended with a prayer.

     We thought that we would like to come back and meet again. We went back to school with plenty of ideas. We all had so much fun that we can’t wait for our next visit. We hope that other people will join us in the Chaplaincy Team.

    From the chapliancy Team

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  • Macmillan Coffee Morning 

    Published 05/10/16

    Macmillan Coffee Morning


    On Wednesday, all our parents were invited to a Macmillan Coffee morning in the school hall.  We wanted to raise money for this charity because it supports people with cancer and their families.  We think it is a good charity as it helps people to spend the last days of their life with their families.

    We all decorated ‘tea cup’ invitations for our parents.  We were amazed at how many people came along.  Each class made cakes and the main ingredient was love and care.

    We asked our parents their views on the coffee morning: They said:

    “The rocky roads and meringues were favourites”. 

    “It was a good way to raise money for charity”. 

    “Great tea, great cakes and a good chat”. 

    We think it was a great success and we were amazed that we raised £850!  We want to say a big thank you and well done to our school community for raising so much money.


    Matthew, Leonardo, Peter and Connor (Y5 Reporters)

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  • Shakespeare Week 

    Published 19/09/16

    Shakespeare Week

    On the 19th of September, Shakespeare week began. During that week, Year 6 watched a modern day version of Twelfth Night. They wrote a sequel carrying on from the end of the play, and wrote a diary entry posing as Olivia (a character from the story).  As well as this, they researched about Shakespeare, finding out about his lifetime and career.


    Within that week, the whole school watched a play, which included some of Shakespeare’s most famous works. It was very entertaining and they all enjoyed it; some people even got to participate in the play!


    Overall, Shakespeare Week was enjoyed by many.  We thank our teachers and visitors who made it possible.

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  • Sports Day 

    Published 08/07/16

    Sports Day

    Every year our school holds sports day, everyone in the school is allowed to participate from the infants to the upper juniors. This particular year, blue house won 2 times for the upper and lower juniors, however when it came to the afternoon and the infant’s participated green house won. Sports day was very successful every child got to take part in every activity which was there for them to have a go at. The children were really excited and were ready to compete for their house and to win for their team.  Every child tried their best to do well in every activity for their house, this really showed. Sports day is a good opportunity for every child to shine in their own way whatever sport that may be. We thank the staff and year sixes that helped out throughout the day.


    By Laura and Frank (Yellow and Red House captains)

























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  • Read For My School Ceremony

    Published 13/06/16

    Read For My School Ceremony


    On Monday 13th of June 2016 6 members from year 5’s St John Bosco class went to Glazier Hall in London. This was for our great achievement in the Read for My School Competition, which was run Book Trust .It was a fantastic journey, we really enjoyed it.

    At 10:30am we left school with great excitement and hopped on to the bus and had a great talk about what our day would be like. After this we went on the Tube whilst playing games.

    When we got to London Bridge, we realised that we were very early. Because of this, we went through Borough Market and went to go and see a famous ship from the Victorian times called, The Golden High.

    After this we went to take a look at The River Thames and talked about History and famous buildings. Soon after this we went to Southwark Cathedral, which William Shakespeare attended quite frequently when he was alive. There we saw statues of old saints in the past.

    Later, we crossed the road and there was Glazier Hall. First, we checked in and were given quizzes and name stickers. We went to have a delicious lunch that filled us all up.

    Right after, we went to the hall, took a seat and listened to an author, Robin Stevens who told us how she was inspired to be an author. Later, we watched a scene from 2 Horrible History actors. Having a good time, we laughed and laughed watching the amazing act.

    Then, we listened to who won individual prizes. Even though none of them were us we congratulated them with a big clap not feeling any jealousy. When it was time for the school rewards we thought we weren’t going to win. With a great surprise we jumped up and collected our £500 reward because our school came 2nd place out of 2000 schools that took part. This was a great achievement.                 

                                                                           By Mary and Marco

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  • Brookfield Visit Year Two

    Published 10/06/16

    A visit from another school...


    On Friday something very exciting happened. Brookfield School came for an afternoon of games with our school because it was RE Week. The classes that came were called Crystal Class and Garnet Class. For the first activity we were partnered up with somebody from Brookfield and my class were paired up with Crystal Class, my partner was called Evie. The activity was called ‘Find somebody who.’ You had to ask different friends from different classes questions on a special sheet. After that we drew each other on a huge sheet of paper. Evie liked my drawing of her very much. Finally we had free choice on the trim trail. When Brookfield left, they wished they could stay longer!

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