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We have now moved our news feature to a school app called Class Dojo.  This send regular news to families and offers enhanced security and a closed community.

We have left this page on the site as an archive of old news for a little while.

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  • Swimming Gala 2016

    Published 23/05/16

    Swimming gala 2016

    Last week, several children from Years 4-6 took part in a swimming gala for Sutton schools. We started off with a warm up, and then went straight into the events. Eimah competed in the second race; she came third and got a medal. As a group we got to event 4 and Ashleya came 1st which was a fantastic achievement. Sean was in the breaststroke for year 6 race and did very well, he came 3rd. We got to race 8 and weren’t too sure what was going to happen, as all of the races had been so close, but Katie came 2nd. Soon after in race twelve, Liv surprised us all and herself, and came 3rd.  It was a very enjoyable evening, and to add to the achievements, the girls (Eimah, Katie and Liv) came 2nd in the medley relay. Overall our school came 4th with 93 points. It was a very competitive sporting event, with lots of cheering team mates on. Thank you to Mrs. O’Dwyer, Miss Owen and Miss Currie for being there and believing in us no matter how well we did, we wouldn’t have been able to experience the night without them there J J

    Eimah, Liv and Katie

    Year 6


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  • Minibeasts at Morden Hall Park

    Published 28/04/16

    Y2 Trip to Morden Hall Park

    Y2 trip to Morden Hall Park

    We were on the look-out for Minibeasts. First we were detecting under logs and we found a Centipede and a Millipede! We collected the minibeasts up with spoons and paint brushes. Next we went to the pond and we were fishing with proper nets! We found a giant water bug called a Mayfly nymph and a Damselfly. My favourite part of the day was fishing with the nets. It was a great day I hope we can go again.


    The End


    Sadie Ruddle, St. Thomas More 

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  • Y5 Football Match

    Published 23/03/16

    On the 2nd March 2016 Year 5 football team played Nonsuch Primary School in the 1st round of the cup at Sutton United FC’s football ground. We were all feeling very excited but a bit nervous as it was our first time playing as a team.

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  • Exciting Easter Experience at Baptist Church.

    Published 16/03/16

    Y4 visit Baptist Church in North Cheam for Easter Experience. 

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  • Year 6 Football Fulham tournament

    Published 27/11/15

    Year 6 boys went to Fulham training ground.  There were 8 players in our team, 2 subs and 6-aside.  We played three matches which were each ten minutes long.  There were four groups with four schools in each group.  Our first match was against St. Nicholas academy but unfortunately we lost 1-0.

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  • Year 6 netball match A-team

    Published 23/10/15

    Year 6 netball match A-team

    On Wednesday 21st October the Year 6 netball team had our first match against Barrow Hedges. As they arrived everyone was feeling tense; we were practising for the match and it was looking hopeful.


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  • The Triumphant Tyrants

    Published 23/10/15

    The Year 6 boy’s football team have won all their matches so far this season and will win on goal difference as they already have over ten goals in two games! Our captain Eoin Bolger led us to get these goals.

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  • Girls football tournament

    Published 21/10/15

    Girls football tournament

    On  Tuesday the 20th of October, 9 girls took part in an under 11s football tournament at Sutton United FC. 

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  • Netball Match 21.10.15

    Published 21/10/15

    Being told it was time for our match ours went 10x faster than the match before. We got the first pass and as soon as the whistle blew the ball came straight down to the goal attack and the goal shooter. The first goal was scored in the first three minutes and the ball came straight back down to us although it wasn’t our centre pass we scored again. This time the ball went down to the other team but we luckily got the ball back down to our goal. We watched as the goal attack carefully got the ball through the hoop and got us a goal. Then it was half time.

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  • Justgiving in memory of Nancy Bennett

    Published 27/07/15

    As many of you will be aware Nancy Bennett (15), a former pupil of the school, sadly died from meningitis om July 4th.  Her family have set up a JustGiving page to support the research into this disease to help save lives in the future. 

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  • London Youth Games

    Published 08/07/15

    The London Youth Games

    On Thursday, 2nd of July, I competed in the London Youth Games. I had to be up really early and be at Crystal Palace at 8am. There were over 200 people at the London Youth Games and lots of different sports such as tennis, cheerleading, running, beach ball, basketball, swimming and gymnastics. I was the youngest there as you have to be 10 to compete and I am only 9!

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  • 2015 The Flag Project

    Published 18/06/15

    2015 The Flag Project

    Our school was invited to design a flag to represent our local area of Sutton and North Cheam for the 700th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.

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