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London Youth Games

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The London Youth Games

On Thursday, 2nd of July, I competed in the London Youth Games. I had to be up really early and be at Crystal Palace at 8am. There were over 200 people at the London Youth Games and lots of different sports such as tennis, cheerleading, running, beach ball, basketball, swimming and gymnastics. I was the youngest there as you have to be 10 to compete and I am only 9!

I took part in the 50m swimming relay with the Sutton team. This is about two lengths of a normal sized swimming pool. I have been doing swimming for about 6 years and I have been part of the Sutton team for about 2 years. I am also in the Sutton ‘A-team’ relay – which is the best relay team there is!

I had to wear special swimming trunks - like Michael Phelps has to wear - which are a lot tighter and can take 30 minutes to put on! These helped me  swim a lot faster because they repel the water unlike normal swimming trunks.

At the end of the day, my team came 12th out of 30 teams which made me and my friends feel really happy and proud. I was very tired but still celebrated by having Fish and Chips that evening with my family!

I have another gala coming up this weekend with the same team. I am also doing solos – which is where you swim on your own and see how quickly you can do it. My quickest time is 17 seconds for 25 metres. Sometimes, I am even one of the top 9 year old swimmers in the country/world!

Anthony Keene