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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

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2014/15 Netball team

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The 2014/15 netball team has been very successful, after playing competitively in 4 matches. We have gone from losing 13-2 to winning 9-0. So far we have played 4 friendlies against Cheam Park Farm, Dorchester, Robin Hood and Cheam Common. We have lost 4 and won 4 matches so we have improved massively.

Our recent match was against Cheam Common. First up was the A team, it was a tight game and everyone played their best, but unfortunately we lost by one goal. Up next the B team managed to successfully lead a victory of 9-0. After the match we were so tired but very proud of ourselves for trying our best.

We are extremely excited about the league matches after our holidays. We couldn’t be more pleased with our families that come and support us and keep us going. Also a massive thank you to our excellent coaches, Miss Kilbane and Mrs Scripps, we wouldn’t be a netball team without them.

Well done the netball team!!!