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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

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Junior School Council

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My name is Joshua Edmonds and I am the junior council chair and James Henderson is the vice chair. We are writing this to tell you about our school council.

First of all we voted in our classes for the House Captains and council representatives. Then in our first meeting we chose the chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer. Miss de Normanville is our link teacher.

At our school council we gather together and we discuss our ideas about how we can improve our school. The ideas come from all the junior representatives who ask their classes what we can do to make our school better. We have discussed many things such as the food we can bring in, fund raising for good causes and wet play toys.

We have also discussed our lunchtimes and some of the difficulties with games being stopped because of behaviour problems. This means we haven't got the chances to run off our energy and keep active in the same way.  The council is looking for some solutions and we will let everyone know once a decision has been reached.

We have also talked about how we look after our school and try to keep the Golden Rules. This includes not damaging things.

Sometimes we go around to other classes and ask them some questions about how the school can be improved. When we have raised some money and we don't know what to spend it on we will ask our classes and then me and James will ask our Headmistress Mrs Mayhew if we can have these things.

Thank you very much for reading this and we hope everyone in our school will have a great year!