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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

Inspired Learners for Life

Year 3 Early Britons’ Workshop

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The other week it wasn't a normal day it was Stone Age day. Firstly we had to come into class straight away.

Then we went inside the hall. Suddenly the music came on! When we all sat down a man poked a club out of the scenery. The music stopped! The man came out. He had fake fur on and a beard.

Just then he said "You like mammoth?" to Miss de Normanville.

Miss de Normanville answered back, "Yes me like mammoth!"  (In a strange voice.)

Then he said in a normal voice "Sorry my time casual is broken!"

Then he chose some people to come up and be something!

He chose me, Jayden, Vikash, Thomas, Isabella, Callum and Lara. Then he said "Hot!" so the  people made fire by shaking some cloths. Suddenly, he said "Ice age!" so Jayden came up and Vikash (they were snowmen to show the cold).

Then it was my (Matthew's) turn to be a dinosaur! But I had to die! Then I became a cave man and pretended to fight.  Next I was a Bronze Age farmer with Thomas and 2 children were the pigs to show we kept animals. 

I (Laura) was the very last woolly mammoth. They died out after the ice age.

Next we did a song about building Stonehenge. We had to say "Pull, pull!" everyone laughed!

At the end we sang "We will, we will, rock you." We thought it was an extremely good day!

Laura and Matthew (St. Monica's Class)