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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

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Exciting Easter Experience at Baptist Church.

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Y4 visit Baptist Church in North Cheam for Easter Experience. 

On the 16th March, children from St. Cecilia's Primary School trooped to North Cheam Baptist Church. They went there in order to watch a play called 'Easter Experience'. 

When the Year Four children arrived at the church they were greeted kindly by some members of the church. They put the children's coats in a cupboard and led them to the hall. Then the show began...

Some children were chosen to take part as a disciple or a soldier. Isabella Fuller, who played a disciple exclaimed "It felt amazing to play one of Jesus' disciples!" Members of the cast also chose the Year Four teachers to have a go at acting. Our very own reporter Isla Rynne reported that Miss Megens explained it is very good for the children to have a go. Teachers and children are still in awe of the wonderful performance. 

The Easter Experience helped the children to understand what happened to Jesus before he was crucified. St. Cecilia's hopes to be invited back to the Baptist Church soon.