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Read For My School Ceremony

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Read For My School Ceremony


On Monday 13th of June 2016 6 members from year 5’s St John Bosco class went to Glazier Hall in London. This was for our great achievement in the Read for My School Competition, which was run Book Trust .It was a fantastic journey, we really enjoyed it.

At 10:30am we left school with great excitement and hopped on to the bus and had a great talk about what our day would be like. After this we went on the Tube whilst playing games.

When we got to London Bridge, we realised that we were very early. Because of this, we went through Borough Market and went to go and see a famous ship from the Victorian times called, The Golden High.

After this we went to take a look at The River Thames and talked about History and famous buildings. Soon after this we went to Southwark Cathedral, which William Shakespeare attended quite frequently when he was alive. There we saw statues of old saints in the past.

Later, we crossed the road and there was Glazier Hall. First, we checked in and were given quizzes and name stickers. We went to have a delicious lunch that filled us all up.

Right after, we went to the hall, took a seat and listened to an author, Robin Stevens who told us how she was inspired to be an author. Later, we watched a scene from 2 Horrible History actors. Having a good time, we laughed and laughed watching the amazing act.

Then, we listened to who won individual prizes. Even though none of them were us we congratulated them with a big clap not feeling any jealousy. When it was time for the school rewards we thought we weren’t going to win. With a great surprise we jumped up and collected our £500 reward because our school came 2nd place out of 2000 schools that took part. This was a great achievement.                 

                                                                       By Mary and Marco