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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

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Anti-Bullying Week 

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Anti-Bullying Week

Last week in school we had Anti-Bullying week. Each year group did something to show their ‘Power for Good’.

Nursery used ‘Kind hands don’t hurt’ and did some hand printing.

Reception had ‘apple circle time’. They spoke unkind words to one apple and passed it around and kind words to another. When they cut them open one of the apples was bruised and they saw what happens when we hurt someone inside.

Year 1 and Year 2 made Friendship Potions and thought about all the qualities needed to be a good friend.

Year 3 and Year 4 looked up historical people who have used their power for good. They wrote about them and drew a picture.

Year 5 designed posters for the school using their power for good and they also wrote a child friendly Anti-Bullying Policy.

Year 6 wrote to the MP Paul Scully of the Conservative Party, representing Sutton and Cheam encouraging him to go to a meeting in the House of Commons for Anti- Bullying.

Every Teacher and the Midday Supervisors had ‘Power for Good’ stickers.  Each time an act of kindness was spotted the children got a sticker.  We had a great week and the School Council will meet to see how we can continue using our Power for Good throughout the year.


Saraniya Year 6