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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

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I Wonder at the Baptist Church

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On Thursday the 15 of December2016  classes throughout     St. Cecilia’s primary school went to Cheam Baptist Church to reflect on ourselves.

One of the activities we did was to name the stuff in life you were thankful for. We talked about how we are greatful for the stuff we had. One of the activities we did was writing what we have in life that we are lucky to have with ribbons. Another activity we did was making people we are thankful for out of playdoh. The last activity in that station we did was writing on a post it note what we ourselves are grateful and thankful for and stick it up.

The next activity we did was thinking  about where we originated from. There was a range of places where people in our school came from. It varied from Grenada to Ghana. We all stuck a post note with our names on and placed them on a map to show where our families are from.


Zoe Ketibuah