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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

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Year 5 science / topic

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During year 5 2014/15 in science / topic we have been learning about Sir Isaac Newton, he discovered gravity. He was apparently born on Christmas Day but there is a different calendar that says his birthday is on the 4/01/1643 and died on the 31/03/1727.

We have tried to make parachutes for happy town people, sadly only a few worked. We made ours out of cellophane, string and cello tape.

We were exploring Isaac Newton’s laws of motion. We were playing with a variety of different toys and trying see how they worked and what roll did gravity take on them working. Our teacher showed us what upthrust was. Upthurst is when water is pushing something up when gravity is pulling it down.

We have also been learning about friction, we tested different shoes on different surfaces. We all got surprising results, none of us had the same shoe though. E.g. a school shoe on a door mat was 2.2 Newtons.
By Jamie and Katie