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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

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Y3 Book Week Report

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Book Week 2015   By Year 3

On Wednesday I had a brilliant time watching the workshop. It was called space jump. For lots of years they have been performing plays so I recommend you watch some of their plays! The play was all about imagination and it made people read more books.

On Thursday we had a lovely surprise! Our teachers were green aliens! Our alien had crazy pink hair which she picked and then put it the bin. The best bit was when we went in the spaceship. It was the best school day of my life.



On Wednesday it was SPACE JUMP TIME!!!! At the workshop the boy was called Oliver and the girl was called Claire. The workshop was a musical from West end school. Claire was a brilliant singer and so was Oliver. In the beginning Claire got chosen to go up to space but was replaced with an alien who looked like Claire. My favourite part was when the scientist came out to find the alien and Caitlin`s favourite part was when the alien went to find books and learnt about imagination.

On Thursday all the teachers got taken over by aliens because their spaceship crashed landed on the infant’s playground. Everybody got a turn to try and fix the spaceship. Unfortunately they were not here to stay; they just wanted to find out about books. When we went into the spaceship there was a mechanic. He was wearing black and would get angry if you touched him! 

Aimee and Caitlin


​On the 11th of March we had a workshop called Space Jump in the hall. In the workshop a girl’s body was taken over by an alien who came to earth to find out about imagination. The workshop had lots of songs and dancing and it was great fun.

 Yesterday all the teachers were aliens and their spaceship landed onto Earth because the teachers came to find out about imagination. In the hall we had an assembly   about books and our class sang a song about a purple people eater.


Yesterday was alien day and our teachers were dressed up as strange green coloured aliens. Some of the alien teachers freaked me out! My best part in the day was when we went inside the very biggest space ship I have ever seen before.


Yesterday all of the teachers were dressed like aliens. The aliens had to learn many words. The best bit was looking at the alien’s spaceship; there were lots of pictures, plants, tables and wires. It was fun yesterday and I hope that happens again.


On Wednesday we had a space jump workshop; Claire and Oliver were our main characters. Claire and Oliver were school children and one day they took a different way home so they start cloud watching. Claire saw a real space ship (that she thought was a cloud) amazingly an alien took her body over. Meanwhile crazy scientists were trying to capture her, Oliver knew about this so he thought of a plan but it didn't go so well and he got captured. Claire had to use her last space jump (something that can reverse time on your own life line) in the end Oliver did get free. Claire was supposed to use it to get herself back home. Will the alien Claire get back?



On alien day our teachers were abducted by aliens! Our class went to the alien spaceship and there were some fuel tanks and also pipes. In the spaceship there was a missing pipe so they couldn't go back to their home planet! Well at least I found out how to fix the alien spaceship, it was simple. Also there was a commander in the ship wearing a black suit. 

Eoin and Sean


Yesterday all the teachers were dressed as funny Aliens and we had a surprise assembly where the Aliens came to Earth to learn about imagination. Our teacher had pink hair, glittery violet lip stick and a silver belt!

Mariana and Mikayla

​O​n Wednesday 11th there was a space jump workshop. A man played Oliver and a professor and a lady played Claire and a professor too. An alien took over Claire's body and the alien was looking for imagination the professors chased Oliver and the alien round the hall; it was the funniest part for me.

On Thursday THE TEACHERS GOT TAKEN OVER BY ALIENS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. a spaceship landed on the playground.  An alien mechanic&n