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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

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Y3 Synagogue Visit

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Synagogue Report

On Tuesday 2nd June year 3 St. Monica went to visit the Wimbledon Synagogue. We took the 93 bus and then walked up to the synagogue.

We had a Womble hunt on the way and I saw Orinoco the Womble.

When we got there I saw a basketball net. You wouldn’t think it was a Synagogue!

Then a man called Rob and a lady called Helen introduced themselves.

Suddenly our class went in the Synagogue. We had to hang our coats up otherwise we would get hot! Then Rob gave us a special hat called a kippah to wear. You could choose a colour. (I chose blue)

Then we went into the room of worship and sat down. Helen said that a Synagogue was a place for worship, meeting, learning and teaching. Suddenly from out of nowhere Rob came up and spoke about the Scrolls. Rob said that the Scrolls were so important that they weren’t allowed to touch them! They use a yad to read the words.

After that we were separated into two groups. Red and blue houses with Rob, green and yellow with Helen. Green and yellow stayed in the worship room. Blue and red went in a different room. In the worship room we were looking at the Scrolls but in the other room they were looking at Synagogues in different countries! Then our whole class tried the special Shabbat bead and some grape juice.

As soon as a flash we grabbed our coats and headed back to school.

By Lara Henderson