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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

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Changes to our assessment system and the way in which we share information with parents changed in January 2019 when we moved our Management Information System to Pupil Asset

We now process all the essential pupil data that we manage with Pupil Asset in the Cloud.  Parents can access their child's data through the Pupil Asset App which is available through the Google Play Store and Apple Store.



Download for free on Android & Apple Smartphones & Devices

Just search for Pupil Asset Parent App.

How Do Parents Gain Access?

Any parent with an email address registered at St Cecilia's can create a login to see their children's data.

When using the app you will start on the Login screen. If you have never used PupilAsset Parents before, click on 'create an account'. This will take you to the sign up screen, where you can enter your email address. If your address is on the PupilAsset system, you will emailed details to choose a password and start using PupilAsset Parents.

The Parent app allows parents to see & check the details held by the school's Management Information System. It compliments PupilAsset's Tracker by showing headline attendancebehaviour & progress data - as well as regular school reports (downloadable as PDFs).

How we communicate via Pupil Asset

Pupil lunches - Record your child’s meal choices for the week, up to three weeks in advance.

Payments - Make payments for specific trips, clubs or items, top up your school meal balance and see your payment history.

Attendance - Shows attendance for the year as well as giving you the ability to log absences.

Reports - Download your child's termly reports. (These are issued in late October, late February (from 2020) and early July)

Achievements - View recent milestones recorded for your child.

School information - View St Cecilia's contact information..

Messages - View any messages sent from the school office or your child's class teacher via the app.

Events - View and give consent to any upcoming events.

Notify Absence - Notify the school office of any absence (but not to request absence.)

Settings - Update the information we hold for you.

Data Security is important to us

  • Pupil Asset security requirements (specifically PCI DSS, ISO27001), holds school and pupil data in a UK data centre accredited with the most stringent and SAS70 standards.  

  • Data transfer to and from those servers is conducted via encrypted pathways namely SSL (https) encryption for browsers, and SSH for shell administration.

  • Passwords and other sensitive information are either encrypted or MD-5 hashed (with salt to prevent rainbow-table based attacks)

  • Off-site overnight back-ups run daily to ensure that no data is lost in the event of failure at the primary data-centre.

  • Resilience is provided by a back-up server (located at a separate UK-based data centre).

  • The Pupil Asset system itself has a mechanism for secure file transfer, ensuring encrypted end-to-end transmission of data to the system and/or our support team when necessary.