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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

Inspired Learners for Life

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 St. Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School
is committed to bringing each Christian child within our care
into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

“We live by God’s Word and share His love throughout our school and global family.”

Through a commitment to Gospel teaching we strive to reflect
the love of God within our school and workplace
by installing in each person a love for the other.

“We respect and value the contribution that we each make throughout our journey.”

Our values come together, shining through in our relationships to help form our ethos.
We are a Christ centred school,
and value each member’s contribution to our own faith journey.  

Prayer Spaces bring a tactile experience of prayer to the children
and give both children and staff the opportunity to come close to God
through prayer, our faith is deepened.
Learning from each other and growing together
is a central part of St. Cecilia’s school community.

“We encourage every individual to be an inspired learner for life.”

Valuing the abilities of all, and installing a love for learning
is what we aspire for each of our children,
and faith formation plays a central role in this.

Offering opportunities to be involved in wider community projects,
allowing for faith to be put into action
and sharing those opportunities with the rest of the school
is a fundamental part of our commitment to our faith.

At St. Cecilia’s School we are striving to produce
active Catholics with a call to action and love for God and their faith.