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PE and Sports News

Autumn Term 2019

St Cecilia’s vs Cheam Park Farm

On Tuesday 1st of October, the Year 5 and 6 girls  football team took part in a football match against Cheam Park Farm at Sutton United.  

The game was very intense and both sides were great football teams.  In the first half torrential rain made us have to go up in the stands to wait it out, but luckily, it stopped after about 5 minutes.  In the first half, our defence was great but after a corner, Cheam Park Farm scored a goal it was unfortunate for us but we still kept our heads high. Soon after that, the whistle blew. The first half was over.

In the second half, our attacking was brilliant and our keeper saved an amazing shot on goal. Unfortunately, our opposition scored. All of our players were amazing and the end result was 2 to Cheam Park Farm and 0 to us. It was still an amazing effort by our team.  

By Olivia T and Amelia A.

Year 6 Danone Cup Group Stage.

On Thursday the 26th of September, the Year 6 Boys went to Cheam Park Junior school to play the Danone Cup.  We played 4 different teams and each of the games were 4 minutes each way .The teams we played were Cheam Park Farm, Dorchester, All Saints and Muschamp Primary School. 

Our first match was against Cheam Park and we had an unlucky game as we conceded a goal in the final few minutes of the game.  Our second game was against All saints which we won 2-1.  Our next game was against Dorchester and we drew it 1-1.  The final game was a decider to see if we got through against Muschamp and to see if we qualified... We drew 1-1 so we came second but did not qualify.

We needed a few more points to qualify. Our team were  very unlucky but we are up for more challenges in the future.

Jack B and George M
Year 6

New Supremos!

Last week, some children from Year 6 completed Supremo Training with Catherine from the Sutton Schools Sports Partnership. They spent some time exploring different leadership skills and effective ways to communicate and inspire others. They then worked with Year 1 children to put their training to good use!

At the end of the session, the children were awarded their badges which qualifies them as Supremos. Their badges were then presented to them by Mr Burke in our Monday assembly.

The Junior Supremo Leaders will now be responsible for organising and leading sports sessions and events at school, as well as helping to maintain equipment and being positive role models for all our pupils.

Thank you to Catherine from SSP for a fantastic morning.

Spring Term 2019

Sutton Tri Golf Tournament
On a sunny and bright Tuesday the 14th of May, ten gallant Year 3s and Mr Caulfield set for St Philomena's High School to take part in the Tri-Golf tournament - a fairly new tournament involving a carousel of putting and chipping challenges. Our St Cecilia's group only had two practice sessions, and they were competing against lots of well practiced Year 3s and 4s from 7 other schools.

Despite this, our group of ten showed fantastic attitude and sportsmanship, cheering each other on in each of the eight events. The team-leaders from St Philomena's were wowed by our points tally and we even managed to get the only 2 bulls-eyes of the whole day in the Golf Dart challenge! Our teamwork was recognised by at the awards ceremony which followed the events, as we were one of three schools to receive a sportsmanship award. 

Following this, the results were announced. Of the 8 teams competing, St Cecilia managed to finish in a sensational second place! This is a fantastic achievement considering most of the team had never played golf at all before. I believe the parent support definitely gave our golfers that extra determination to do well!

All ten of our golfers had a blast, and this event has definitely motivated them to keep at progressing their golf. We hope their terrific effort has inspired you to give golf a go yourself!


Y5 Boys Semi-Final against Cheam Park Farm School

Our school football team is very proud for how far we made it in the Sutton Schools Year 5 Cup competition.

Our coach, Levi, is the main reason our team have made it this far. He has coached us as best as he can to make us become the team we all are now.

We played Cheam Park Farm.

Sadly we lost 3-1. The first half ended 1-0 to them but the 2nd half was where all the action happened ,their team scored a really good goal to make it 2-0 to them but we got a goal across by the right hand side of the pitch and finished off in the back of the net by George!

Our goalie Oliver was amazing!!! And it was his first match! But the main thing was how we kept trying to score until the final whistle blew.

By George and Santino Year 5

Girls team Football Match against Cheam Common at Sutton United
Friday 18th January .

Even though we lost 6 nil we all played our best.  Mariah saved lots of goals in the first half and really helped our team.  Unfortunately there were a few injuries but they didn’t stop us from persevering.  We almost scored many times but their goalie was very good and their girls were really strong.

We were all upset about the score but we really enjoyed the match.  Thank you to Levi our coach.

By Luna and Mariah

Girls Football Match against Hackbridge School
8th January 2019

On 8th January 2019 St Cecilia’s new girls team played their first match and it was against Hackbridge. Thanks to Levi for coaching us, Mrs Ryan for managing our team and Mr Caulfield for refereeing.

After a round of rock paper scissors team captain Ania determined who would start with the ball in the first half. Ten minutes into the game Hackbridge scored their first goal, but we were still hopeful.

After half time and the team huddle we were inspired to carry on. We quickly changed places and started to play, but we were a little bit worried because we had no substitutes. Soon it started raining. Despite getting soaking wet we pushed on. Even though Hackbridge scored another goal, we were still positive. Although we were tired and down 2-0 we created good opportunities. They scored again, so we were 3-0 down, but we pushed on till the end and we are proud of what we have done.

We were drenched, we were soaked but we knew we had done our best and we still love our football.   

By Isabela and Ania

Autumn Term 2018

Netball Match St Cecilia’s v Manor Park

A Game 5 – 0  B Game 2 - 0

On the 31st of October 2018, 11 St Cecilia’s girls played a netball match against Manor Park. In the first match (the A-team) we won 5/0 . They were very competitive, but no match for us. We passed the ball well and had many chances to shoot.

In the second match (the B team), we won 2/0. We were very happy with our score but we did have an advantage because they had only 3 year 6s. All the rest were year 5s (including 2 boys) and they had only trained for 3 weeks.

The best part was that we had cheerleaders with blue and yellow pompoms.  We are all excited to play our third match and we can’t wait to win again. ☺

Written by Ciara Bolger and Liza Markova.   

Netball match against St Dunstan's School
17th of October 2018 

We played two matches and in the first match we won 3/0. They were no match for us! Unfortunately, in our second match, we lost 1/0 but we still played really well and tried our best. Despite having fewer girls on our team, we managed to score three goals and that is excellent for our first match. We worked really hard in training and it all paid off in the game. Our teachers, Miss Moore and Mrs Everton, supported us throughout the whole game and our wonderful parents did too.

By Annmarie and Emily    


In the first part of the Autumn term, some children from Year 6 completed Supremo Training with Miss Suzy from the Sutton Schools Sports Partnership. They spent some time exploring different leadership skills and effective ways to communicate and inspire others. They then worked with some Year 1 children to put their training to good use!

The Junior Supremo Leaders will now be responsible for organising and leading sports sessions and events at school, as well as helping to maintain equipment and being positive role models for all our pupils.

Thank you Miss Suzy from SSP for a fantastic morning.

Summer Term -  Football

10.7.18 St. Cecilia’s v Cheam Park Farm Juniors

Year 3 & 4 Friendly                        STC 3 – 0 CPF

When we got to Cheam Park Farm, we started warming up. In our team we had Jack, Fintan, Hannah, Luke, Samo, Oscar, Amelia, Dante and Evie. Our coaches were Mrs C. Harrison and Mrs J. Ryan. When the ball got kicked off the centre spot we felt warm and fuzzy inside as the CPF and STC parents cheered! As I stood in the goal I had a big view of what was happening. I heard all my team players giving compliments to each other. St. Cecilia’s were on the attack and after three minutes we scored! GOAL! After 7-8 minutes we scored again, 2-0! STC and CPF parents clapped and cheered!

Because we started the first kick off, they started the second half. As CPF were on the attack the CPF striker shot and skimmed the post and the ball went out. Samo passed the ball from the goal kick, STC were on the attack and Jack scored our final winning goal. It ended 3-0 for St. Cecilia’s! At the end we shook hands with CPF and thanked the referee. We took a picture in the goal of our team …here it is!                                 

By Samo and Oscar

Summer Term: Borough Sports Athletics Competition

On Tuesday 26th June a team of 40 runners from Years 3,4,5 and 6 participated in the Borough Sports Athletics Event at the David Weir Centre. The children did brilliantly on such a hot day and we had many individual and team successes. This children should be commended for their sportsmanship, behaviour and determination to succeed. Well done team and thank you to all our fantastic supporters!

Summer Term: School Sports Day!

Thank you to everybody who attended for your wonderfully positive feedback about our very first School Sports Day at the David Weir Centre. It was a day of fun, perseverance, achievement, competition, community spirit and sunshine! Thank you to all who helped to make it a successful day.

Summer Term: Sutton Borough Swimming Gala

On Friday night (8.6.18) St. Cecilia’s entered the Sutton Borough Swimming Gala. This was the higher seeded school gala; so a tough competition. We took a fantastic team of 15 swimmers who impressed us with their positive attitudes, great sportsmanship and excellent behaviour on the pool side. Everybody in the team gave 100% and we were so proud of how they flew through the water! The races were extremely close and overall we came 6/8.

Bronze medals were won by Fintan D - Year 5 Breast Stroke; Annmarie K - Year 5 Freestyle; Zac S - Year 5 Back Stroke and Matthew M - Year 6 Backstroke. Isabella C won a Silver medal for Year 4 Freestyle. A huge WELL DONE to all our swimmers, who will be awarded certificates in this week’s assembly.

A very big thank you to Mrs Tate, who kindly took on the role as lane timer on behalf of our school - and a huge thank to all of our St Cecilia’s parents for their encouragement and support.

Mrs Harrison and Miss Moore

Our team:

Isabella C Year 4, Vincenzo R Year 4, Emily T Year 4, Fintan D Year 4, Luna L Year 5,
Jack L Year 5, Victor M Year 5, Freya T Year 5, Ania J Year 5, Annmarie K Year 5,
Zac Ss Year 5, Ryan P Year 6, Luisa R Year 6, Nina B Year 6, Matthew M Year 6.

Spring Term: Year 4 Handball

At the end of last half term, some children in Year 4 attended a Handball Festival. They completed some Handball circuits then watched a Senior Handball game in action!

They then competed in some mini games against local primary schools. They had a fantastic time and a great introduction to a new sport.


 Spring Term: Year 6 Netball

St. Cecilia's netball team competed in the Spring A League 1 against Nonsuch, Cheam Common, Avenue & Robin Hood. The Netball A team won 2 out of the 4 matches scoring a total of 18 goals across all 4 matches.

The B team won 2 and drew 2 out of the 4 matches, scoring a total of 9 goals across all 4 matches. 

Well done girls - we are very proud of you all. 

From Miss Moore & Mrs Harrison 

Thank you to Miss Moore for all your hard work this netball season.


See below for Spring Term football news - Thank you to Mrs Ryan for all your hard work.

Spring Term: Year 5 boys football

We reached the quarter final of the Year 5 Cup and had to play Westbourne Primary.  The match was played at Westbourne on their grass pitch. We got off to a great start with an early goal and played mostly in their half.  They got a breakaway goal followed shortly by another one.  In the second half Westbourne dominated play and scored a couple more goals; we kept battling hard right till the end but unfortunately were unable to score again.  It was a very tough match and we were disappointed not to progress in the competition.

Spring Term: Year 6 Boys

We played league fixtures against Cheam Park which Andy said is one of the best teams.  Our performance was very good, scoring a few goals and Archie saved lots of goals; however in the end Cheam Park Farm won.

We played Westbourne in the Cup quarter final, a match which was postponed several times.  The pitch was very muddy and difficult to play on and there was a downpour during the second half.  Westbourne are an outstanding team and beat us very comfortably.  Levi was pleased with our performance and told us that all of us played a very good game, but that Westbourne were amazing.

Borough Cup

We played at Abbey Primary on the 22nd February.  Our team played with confidence and skill; Levi was very pleased with our passing football.  We were unlucky that after extra time the match was a draw and had to go to a replay.

We went into the replay on 9th March more confident and were playing very well.  Against the run of play Abbey scored a goal, this was very disappointing.  We continued to play our passing football and were rewarded with a goal.  Unfortunately in the second half Abbey scored again and some of our heads went down.  Abbey finished as the winners.

Spring Term: Girls football

On 6th February we played against Cheam Common at Sutton United.  Cheam Common had some very good players especially their striker who scored some incredible goas.  We enjoyed the game and all worked as hard as we could till the final whistle. Although we lost, we knew we had done our best. 


Wednesday 31st January 2018

Year 6 Netball: St. Cecilia's v Robin Hood

Yellow Team won 6-1
Blue Team lost 3-0

Both teams put in a fantastic effort, great teamwork girls!

Thank you to Lucy Ellis for your support and encouragement, despite your poorly foot!

A picture of the Yellow team below: 

Sorry Blue Team - at the next game we will take a picture of you. I think my cold fingers distracted me from taking more photos!

Tuesday 30.1.18 - Supremo Training!

Today some children from Year 6 completed Supremo Training with Suzy from the Sutton Schools Sports Partnership. They spent some time exploring different leadership skills and effective ways to communicate and inspire others. They then worked with some Year 1 children to put their training into practice! The Junior Supremo Leaders will now be responsible for organising and leading sports sessions and events at school, as well as helping to maintain equipment and being positive role models for all our pupils.
Thank you Suzy from SSP for a fantastic morning.

Friday 19th January 2018

Sutton & Cheam Cup football match

St Cecilia's (2) v Barrow Hedges (8)


Monday 8th January 2018 - Year 6 Boy's Football

 St. Cecilia's (1) v Cheam Common (7)

Highlights: Kai's goal saving tackle, Leonardo's goal, everybody's perseverance.

Friday 12th January 2018 - Year 6 Girl's Football

St. Cecilia's (0) v St. Dunstan's (4)

Hghlights: Many great shots, great saves by the goalie!

December 2017 - Girl's Football - St. Cecilia's v Tweeddale

December 2017 - Year 6 - Boy's Football - St. Cecilia's v Westbourne

November 2017 - Year 6 - Girl's Netball - St. Cecilia's v Manor Park

On the 30th November, St. Cecilia’s participated in a netball match against Manor Park Primary. The anticipation was obvious; we were all so nervous yet excited about the match. The A team started with a strong line of defence. The ball was straight down to our end from our starting centre. We stayed in possession of the ball and it was down to our shooters to succeed in a 1-0 start, which they did. It was their centre, but we were too fast for them and had a second shot. It was soon half – time with a shocking  score of 7-0. The game carried on and the other team didn’t get a touch of the ball. We finished with an astonishing score of 15-0.
It was the start of the B team’s match. There was much more competition with the ball zooming from one end to the other. There were many ups and downs but we were resilient and took a shot but unfortunately the scored stayed 0-0.
By Maria and Olivia


November 2017 - Year 6 - Girl's Football Tournament

On Thursday 19 th November, the girl’s football
tournament took place. There were 6 teams and each
team had 6/7 people. It was such a fun experience and
due to the fact that everyone took part, there were
new skills being learnt everywhere!
Each team played twice and the winning team played
in a final. The final was intense as it went to a penalty
shoot-out! Everyone was smiling and having and great
Certificates were given out to everyone; the winning
team and the best players got medals. I hope we can
manage to organise such a fun event like this again!
 Overall winners: Isabella, Millie, Ruby, Sophia Annabel and Issa               
Well done Team 3!
Congratulations to:            
Top Goal Scorer: Millie H                     Best Defender: Sophia U                          Most Resilient Player: Mariana            Team Player of the Tournament: Ruby
A huge thank you to Mrs Childs for coming to help and support us.

November 2017 - Year 3 - 'Movers and Shakers Fiesta' 

October 2017 - Year 6 - Girl's Netball

October 2017 - Year 6 - Boy's Football

October 2017 - Year 6 - Girl's Football