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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

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We aim to provide parents with clear and relevant assessment information at regular times during the academic year.

We assess children throughout the teaching week and some of these assessments are recorded on our management system, Pupil Asset.  These regular assessments of the small steps in learning are called Point in Time Assessments and when combined together they help us to make a judgement on whether or not your child has met a standard within the National Curriculum.

  • Parents can view their child's small Point in Time Assessments via the Pupil Asset App. 
  • We provide a Termly Data Report in pdf which provides broader information on attainment standards.  This is sent to parents via the Pupil Visit App.
  • Once a year we provide the Annual Academic Report in pdf format which contains more information on National Curriculum attainment across all subjects.

We arrange meetings with the class teacher each term for you to share information about your child's education.  These meetings take place after the termly report has been published to the App so that you can come to the meeting with up to date information.

To book a meeting, parents will be asked to visit our booking system

The system can be accessed at

We also use this system for booking a place at all of our parent workshops.

We also have other chances to see your child's work through our "celebration of learning" events.