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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

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RE Inspection Report

St Cecilia’s is an outstanding school. The safe, nurturing environment based on respect, consideration and co-operation enable pupils to grow in self esteem and confidence. The school is committed to encouraging pupils to reach their full potential. Pastoral care of pupils is outstanding. The Gospel values of care, tolerance, peace and justice underpin relationships within the school and with the wider community.

Pupils are proud of their school. They think it is a place where teachers make learning interesting. They praise their teachers for their care and for their ability to make lessons 'fun'. There is an outstanding Behaviour policy, linked to the Golden Rules. The pupils know these well and can apply them to their daily lives. One pupil said, "Our Golden Rules are God’s Ten Commandments". Pupils are well behaved, very polite and well motivated. They have many opportunities to develop a sense of responsibility through the School Council, peer mediation and acting as "green hats" and "red hats".

The thoughtful and detailed self evaluation demonstrates that the governors, headteacher and staff have a clear understanding of the strengths of the school and have clearly identified areas for future development. The school has an excellent capacity to improve yet further.

Parents overwhelmingly appreciate the ethos of the school and the Catholic education their children receive. One parent wrote, "The Catholic ethos of St. Cecilia's permeates every aspect of school life. Pupils receive a wonderful grounding in their religious education. They are helped to develop into good members of society". There are strong links between the school, the home and the parish and these foster pupils' spiritual and moral development. The Governors are very committed to the school and have high aspirations for its continued development. They are well informed and, therefore, have a clear understanding of their role in promoting the Catholic ethos of the school.

Prayer and worship are seen as central to the life of the school. There is a carefully planned programme for assemblies, Masses and special services. These are linked to the liturgical year and to the 'Here I Am' religious education programme. Emphasis is put upon the use of music, mime, drama and art to enrich the pupils' experiences of prayer and worship. There are well planned opportunities for quiet reflection both in the classroom and during assemblies. Opportunities for prayer are also offered on a voluntary basis.

The school recognises the unique importance of each pupil. Those with special educational needs are well supported. Of particular note is the emphasis the school places on helping the pupils to understand that Christ engaged with people on the margins of society and they, too, have a responsibility to help the less fortunate. Pupils' moral development is nurtured by the commitment they are encouraged to make to promote peace and justice. Pupils support a wide range of charities.