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St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School

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Sex Education / EPR

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Education for Personal Relationships (EPR)

Children learn about personal relationships in every class from Reception through to Year 6.  It is taught at an age-appropriate level through a spiral curriculum, where topics are revisited at a deeper level as your child grows.

We use Life to the Full as our main resource, this programme has been approved by our Diocese for use in Catholic Schools.  You can find out more about Life to The Full on our Wellbeing and PHSE pages.

Sex Education
For the Sex Education element of EPR we use a different resource from Australia, Things are Changing.  This offers a programme, taught in hundreds of Catholic Schools around the world.  It is for Years 5&6 and is taught by school leaders in the summer terms. It is based in a deep and rich understanding of key Christian concepts such as the value and dignity of the human person as made in the image of God, an understanding of sex education being about an ‘education in and for love’ and a deep respect for the role of parents as primary educators of their own children.

The Things Are Changing Boys Module consists of an engaging video that explores the key changes for boys, while also helping boys come to understand some of the key changes for girls. 

The Things Are Changing Girls’ Module presents a beautiful and sensitive exploration of key changes for young women. Exploring all relevant topics with a female presenter this module also helps girls understand the key changes boys experience. This module presents a wonderful and in-depth opportunity for girls to be supported and affirmed on the journey of puberty.

Parents are invited to see the videos and the pupil handbooks before the talks commence.  Once we have the talk we send home a copy of the handbook for the family to have an informed and supportive conversation about the changes that happen in puberty.

Click here to see the Things are Changing website.